Continuing Education

The Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto has been established as an internationally recognized post-secondary teaching institution, excelling in the development and promotion of research and education. Each year, this Master’s of Science program graduates health care practitioners distinguished with the values of professionalism, leadership, citizenship, clinical excellence and best practices.
Kick Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Inc. is proud to be involved as a clinical tutor to these graduating physiotherapists. At Kick PSM, University of Toronto Physical Therapy Residents are welcomed into a fun, energetic learning experience.

The Kick Model

At Kick PSM, we treat each client as if they were an athlete.
Whether you're a recreational swimmer, an occasional walker, a varsity soccer player or none of the above, we believe that your body is your most important piece of equipment. Physiotherapy Residents will become proficient in ALL aspects of performance training including, but not limited to, strength/power, speed/reaction, recovery/restoration, fundamentals/skills, flexibility/mobility, effectiveness/efficiency, resiliency/adaptability, stability/balance, motivation/empowerment, coordination/agility, endurance/sustainability, and fitness/vitality.
We encourage exercises designed for true functional retraining and sport specificity.
Traditionally, exercises have been taught using uni-planar motions (i.e. hip abduction or simply lifting one leg away from the other). Our body, however, is three-dimensional. Each joint in our body has some amount of play in the sagittal, frontal and transverse planes of motion. Our muscles are designed to react in all three planes. Our proprioceptors are designed to react in all three planes. Our ligaments are designed to react in all three planes, and our fascia is designed to react in all three planes. If this is the case, it becomes important that we employ all three planes of motion during all forms of exercise. At Kick, we will show you efficient, thorough, functional strength and conditioning exercises to help you achieve maximal performance in your choice activity.
Each client is an individual.
From the time of birth, your body has met different environments, people, experiences, reactions, stressors and activities. There is no one person who has been impressed with those exact experiences. At Kick, we understand that your body needs enhanced and individualized treatment through manual therapy and fitness conditioning. Physical Therapy Residents will become skilled in clinical problem solving, treatment planning and programming.
At Kick Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Inc., we are committed to the development of highly competent physical therapists, equipped with the knowledge, confidence and clinical excellence needed to treat patients with the advanced level of care they deserve.