Advanced Physiotherapy & Message Therapy in Vaughan

Designed to encourage open-space training as well as private, individualized hands-on treatment. The atmosphere at Kick is fun, energetic, and revitalizing. Our commitment to your health and well-being is reflected in our enhanced concept for high performance sports medicine and rehabilitation. We are proud to service the City of Vaughan, located in the Village of Maple.

Founded in 2008, with a vision to offer more advanced therapy and strength training methodology, Kick offers elite-level care for the clients we serve. This concept is based on Applied Functional Science — a biomechanical model for sport specific training, currently practiced internationally in the UK, the US, Europe, Australia and Western Canada. 

"At Kick Physiotherapy, we treat every client as an athlete."

Whether you're a recreational swimmer, an occasional runner, a varsity soccer player or none of the above, we believe that your body is your most important piece of equipment. For this reason alone, it is our responsibility to provide you with treatment and programming specific to your needs - to enhance joint mobility, strength, flexibility, balance and performance. After all, "elite athletes" should not be the only people receiving "elite level of care". At Kick PSM, we believe that everyone is an athlete!

"Our exercises are designed for true functional retraining in sport."

Traditionally, exercises have been taught using uni-planar motions (i.e. hip abduction or simply lifting one leg away from the other). Our body, however, is three-dimensional. Each joint in our body has some amount of play in the sagittal, frontal and transverse planes of motion. Our muscles are designed to react in all three planes. Our proprioceptors are designed to react in all three planes. Our ligaments are designed to react in all three planes, and our fascia is designed to react in all three planes. If this is the case, it becomes important that we employ all three planes of motion during all forms of exercise. At Kick PSM, we will show you efficient, thorough, functional strength and conditioning exercises to help you achieve maximal performance in your choice activity.

"We respect that you are a unique individual and treat you as such."

From the time of birth, your body has met different environments, people, experiences, reactions, stressors and activities. There is no one person who has been impressed with those exact experiences. Through different stresses, these experiences forge your body into the unique form it presents itself today. At the physiological level, each cell in your body migrates or proliferates in a direction related to stress. These stressors include activity, weight and gravity. Cell growth occurs more frequently in areas of repeated stress. For example, a carpenter will develop thick tissue and calluses in the hands and stronger ligaments in the elbows, more so, than say, a long-distance swimmer. Conversely, a swimmer will develop looser ligaments and therefore more flexible ankles and feet, due to the constant need for excessive movement at those joints. This is clearly an example of two people with different adaptations from different environments and different activities. As well, these two people clearly require different approaches to their treatment. At Kick PSM, we understand that your body deserves custom, individualized treatment.