Vaughan's Elite Physiotherapy and Sports Clinics

Private Personalized Therapy

Kick Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Inc. is proud to bring you two state-of-the-art rehabilitation and training facilities to serve the City of Vaughan, located in the Village of Maple and the Town of Woodbridge. We are a multidisciplinary clinic offering physiotherapy, massage therapy, custom orthotics, bracing, and video analysis for gait and sport, FITforeGOLF, fitness programs, yoga, pilates and kinesio taping. Whether you're a Sunday morning golfer, a professional athlete or a stay-at-home mom, Kick has the expertise to provide you with first-class care to help you return to work or play, as quickly as possible.

Founded in 2008, with a vision to offer more advanced therapy and strength training methodology, Kick offers elite-level care for the clients we serve. Our concept is based on Applied Functional Science — a biomechanical model for sport specific training, currently practiced internationally in the UK, the US, Europe, Australia and Western Canada. 

At Kick PSM, we treat athletic injury, post-surgical conditions, repetitive strain injury (RSI), muscle imbalances, posture-related pain, movement impairments, and traumatic injury.  It doesn't matter how you got your injury — our experienced and elite-trained physiotherapists will assess your problem and design a treatment plan specific to your needs.  We will address your individual health and fitness goals, focusing on correcting the root cause of your problem or imbalance. 

During your visit, your therapist will perform a detailed examination of your injury or site of pain. We will evaluate all possible structures involved including, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves, bones and joints. Our job is to understand why you are experiencing pain, what needs to be addressed and how long it will take. After a thorough explanation of our findings, a treatment plan will be designed to help achieve your outlined goals. We offer cutting-edge therapies and techniques, with a core focus on evidence-based practices and quality care. All treatment sessions are one-on-one. We also offer hands-on manual therapies directed towards both injury prevention and rehabilitation.