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Tiger Woods: Low Back Pain in Golf

Tiger Woods: Low Back Pain in Golf

Tiger Woods: Low Back Pain in Golf

Tiger Woods’ Back Surgery Explained

Tis’ the season to be golfing! Great summer scenery, greens, long walks and of course getting your body back into the swing of things, literally!

When we think about golf there is one name that definitely comes to mind, Tiger Woods. Despite being one of the most successful golfers of all time, Tiger is no stranger to injuries and setbacks. Most recently, he withdrew from a major tournament citing lower back spasms. He later revealed that he underwent a microdiscectomy for a pinched nerve, also known as a lumbar spine disc herniation.

Microdiscectomy surgery involves the removal of a small portion of bone and disc material to relieve pressure and to give more room for the nerve to heal.

“I made the decision to have surgery because physically I just couldn’t make a golf swing. That pretty much sums it up” says Tiger Woods in a recent interview.

Tiger Woods Back Surgery Explained

Research has shown that the injury most commonly associated with golf is undoubtedly low back pain.

Reasons may vary for golfers but the most common contributing factors include limited flexibility of the thoracic spine, poor core muscle strength and limited hip movement. Also lumbar (low back) pain is another common symptom for golfers who play the sport over long periods of time. The repetitive motion of rotation, and other strains from the golf swing put pressure on the spine.

Golfers with low back pain are encouraged to get help early on, rather than waiting to see if it goes away. Keep your body and health in shape and make the most of your golf this summer!



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