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Official Health Care Team for Vaughan Soccer OPDL

Official Health Care Team for Vaughan Soccer OPDL

Official Health Care Team for Vaughan Soccer OPDL

Kick Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine is proud to be the Official Health Care Provider to the Vaughan Soccer Club and their OPDL (Ontario Player Development League) Program this 2015 Season.

With a global aim of developing athletes both off and on the pitch, Kick has teamed up with Vaughan Soccer to provide effective training strategies, unique to the soccer athlete. The Ontario Player Development League has provided a healthy, advance environment for elite level soccer players throughout the Province.

What is OPDL Soccer?

Originally there was a desire in many Ontario youth soccer clubs to participate in some kind of a high performance player development league. One where the players would be able to build on their strengths and understand their weakness, and a league that would also concentrate on high level training and coaching, rather than simply winning or losing.

OPDL is a Canadian soccer’s youth high performance league that combines top level competition with strict performance training standards. This exciting new program is an important component of the overall movement to adopt the core principles of Long Term Player Development (LTPD) across soccer at large in Ontario and Canada.

LTPD also helps highly talented youth players, who have the ability to develop into top players and possibly represent their country or play professionally. This part of the LTPD framework is largely represented by OPDL. An environment where the top players can not only play against each other more often, but also train at a very high level. It is primarily at the OPDL where players will initially be scouted for higher soccer opportunities, including provincial/national team selection and university scholarships.

What is Different about OPDL?

Competition is not the main focus, in fact it is a relatively small part of it. The League moves the focus to developing players through a structured blend of high performance training and age-appropriate game play. In OPDL, you’ll see mandatory heightened training with sport medicine components. Getting the best of both worlds, youth players will have access to staff from different athletic and sports medicine backgrounds analyzing not only the overall performance, but all the details in the individual players that will eventually make a big difference.

OPDL is the first club League to impose minimum standards in the training programs of its clubs. Clubs must have a proper sport science program under the direction of a qualified provider, managing the physiological development of OPDL players. This should cover fitness work, strength and conditioning, injury prevention, nutrition and lifestyle management. This way, OPDL players will develop as fully-rounded athletes, not just talented players.

Our staff at Kick Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine will be actively involved in working with the club and its coaches to develop OPDL players. Bringing our expertise to the team we will be assessing the players from age groups 2001 – 2002 (Boys and Girls) for their individual strengths and weakness. Carrying out numerous testings, youth players will get the feedback and results for their most elite performance training. Kick will cover areas such as injury prevention and management, pre-season testing, movement preparation, strength training and conditioning for Vaughan Soccer OPDL.


Kick Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Inc. offers advanced physiotherapy, including biomechanical assessment and treatment for overuse injuries, as well as injury prevention in the community of Vaughan (Maple and Woodbridge). We are a multidisciplinary group bringing you other services including Active Release Techniques, Graston Technique, acupuncture, custom orthotics, bracing, and video analysis for soccer players. 

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