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Nike Free Running Shoe – Numbering System

Nike Free Running Shoe – Numbering System

Nike Free Running Shoe – Numbering System

Nike Free Run+ has been offering us minimalist running shoes to help bring us closer to the “barefoot running” model which has been trending in recent days. From orthotics to high and low arches, the feet in which we carry all of our weight has been looked at a little more closely.

With the Nike Free Run+ “Numbering System”, you can vary how much support, or how little support, you need. Scaled from 0 – 10, with 0 being the least amount of support, Nike offers 3-4 different models depending on the country you live in.

Nike Free 5.0

A great shoe to give a natural stride while giving great support and stability.

Nike Free 4.0

The shoe for people with some barefoot experience. It’s light and also provides support

Nike Free 3.0

Lastly, this is the most barefoot style shoe, that gives a sock-like fit.

Nike Free Running Shoe

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