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How To Gain Healthy Weight

How To Gain Healthy Weight

How To Gain Healthy Weight

With many fad diets claiming to help lose weight, what about looking for ways to gain healthy weight?

If you’re experiencing a loss of energy or simply want to “bulk up” in the off-season, forget the cheeseburgers and give your body the nutrients and fitness necessary to gain healthy weight!

1) Nutrition

  • Eat Often

Try to eat four to six small meals a day, including a high percentage of protein and carbohydrates. At this point a bedtime snack is a must!

  • Foods Packed with Nutrients 

To avoid consuming large quantities of food, choose smaller, nutrient-rich servings —  high in protein, carbs or fat. Combine dried fruits with grains and yogurt for a healthy, power-packed snack.

  • Good Fats

You want to look bigger but maintain your health. Stock up on avocados, low-fat dairy products, nuts (including peanut butter) and lean meats.

  • More Protein

Fill up on foods high in protein such as fish, eggs, chicken breast, turkey and other lean meats.

2) Exercise To Gain Muscle Weight

weight lifting

  •  Weight Training

Exercise increases appetite and weight training builds muscle mass. Simple techniques like push-ups, bench press and lunges are great! Also push yourself to lift heavier weights with less reps to gain more muscle mass.

  • Exercises That Work More Than One Muscle Group

Work out your entire body instead of focusing on one area. This includes squats, deadlifts, presses, rows and pull-ups. The more muscles you engage, the more hypertrophy (muscular growth) your body will undergo.

  • Less Cardio

When trying to lose weight, aerobic exercise is most ideal. However, since gaining weight is the goal, one should minimize excessive caloric expenditure during weekly training sessions.

  • Switch It Up

On successive training days, slightly alternate your routine or exercises by changing your grip or body position! This will help activate different muscle fibres you may have missed during your previous workout.

  • Progression

As your muscles get stronger, more advanced exercises will be required to help you continue the muscular hypertrophy. Add olympic lifting and/or plyometric drills to your routine to gain muscular power and increase your level of difficulty.



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