Shefali Gupta, MSPT, BPT 

Registered Physiotherapist, Kinesiotape Practitioner, Custom Orthotics 
Shefali Gupta completed her undergraduate degree in India where she graduated with Honours and received a Bachelors of Physiotherapy. She then pursued higher education at the Oakland University, Michigan where she completed Masters Degree in Physical Therapy.
Shefali has a passion for sports. She has played badminton and tennis at competitive levels for over 6 years. She has always associated with effort required to be an avid sportsperson and believes in the mantra of fitness and training. Shefali has keen interest in Pilates and uses its principles for addressing muscle imbalance and posture correction in her training sessions.
Over past 5 years, Shefali has been practicing as a physiotherapist at specialized sports injury and orthopedics clinics in Michigan, mastering her skills in the areas of physical therapy. Shefali believes in active rehabilitation treatment supplemented with hands on manual therapy to maximize patient’s level of recovery and function.
Shefali has completed her certification in joint mobilization techniques for extremities and spine from Oakland University, Michigan. She continues to advance her knowledge and skills through participation in various courses such as Myofascial release, soft tissue release, and Kinesio taping method, a rehabilitative taping technique that is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion. Shefali is also trained in Mulligan’s Concept - a series of mobilization techniques used to increase range of motion and enhance joint lubrication.
Shefali is fully trained and certified in custom orthotic fitting with a specialization in function and performance enhancement. Through the use of gait assessment, video analysis and foam casting, Shefali is able to create orthotics to help correct muscle imbalances, malalignments and other foot conditions. She is an active member of the CPA and belongs to both its Orthopedic and Sports divisions. 
In the spirit of advancing her knowledge and continuous learning, Shefali is currently enrolled for her certification in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture at McMaster University.